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Crimes of the Powerful

Author Dawn Rothe, David Kauzlarich

ISBN No 9781138797949

Review date 24/06/2019

No of pages 261

Publisher Routledge

Publisher URL

Year of publication 15/02/2017


Crimes of the Powerful: An Introduction. By Dawn Rothe, David Kauzlarich

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£ 29.99

Whether corporates, nation states, banks or organised crime, ‘crimes of the powerful’ is a recent idea in criminology. It’s an alluring and powerful idea – that elites, whether in governments or office towers – are doing crimes that have many victims, yet are seldom punished or even admitted to be crimes.

Early on the two American professors that have brought out an introduction to the subject admit that it’s an ‘umbrella’ term, that takes in white-collar crime, ‘crimes of globalisation’, organised crime and even environmental crimes. They have a point, that such crimes have been studied and appreciated less than ‘street crimes’, done usually by the powerless and relatively poor against others like them. While there’s as the authors say an ‘abundance’ of recent crimes bythe powerful, can we include deforestation, electoral fraud, coups, illegal mining, price fixing, unsafe products and unsafe labour conditions under the same umbrella? Do they have enough in common?

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A Reflexive Preamble. Preface. Section I: The Foundations 1. An Introduction to Crimes of the Powerful 2. Media, Culture and Crimes of the Powerful 3. Studying Crimes of the Powerful 4. Theoretical Understandings of Crimes of the Powerful 5. The Symbiotic Nature of Crimes of the Powerful Section II: Crimes of the Powerful - Beyond a Typology 6. Corporate Crime 7. State Crime 8. State-Corporate Crime 9. Power, Organized Crime Networks And The Elite 10. Crimes Of International Financial Institutions 11. Victims Of Crimes Of The Powerful Section III: The Masters Tools And Beyond 12. Regulating Crimes of the Powerful? 13. A Counter View - Law as Violence and Facilitator of Crimes of the Powerful 14. Conclusion.