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Cyber and post-quantum era

A golden era of quantum technology is coming tantalisingly close. It promises to carry the baton for powerful high-speed processing and sophisticated cyber security solutions that could shake up the future of computing, writes Kirsi Kokko. She's head of Digital Trust Finland. Quantum computers are processors that have the capability to solve complex calculations in hours that would take years in classical computing read more


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BCI operational resilience report

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has brought out its first report on operational resilience.A survey shows that the board, and most commonly the Chief Operations Officer, is responsible for championing operational resilience; while the implementation and day-to-day management of operational resilience frequently falls on the shoulders of the head of business continuity (BC). This has inevitably led to some read more


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European fire alarms study

The European industry body Euralarm's Task Group False Alarms has released a second edition of its study on false fire alarms in Europe. This new edition has an analysis of alarms in Denmark.As the pan-European group says, the past 70 years the use of automatic fire detectors has increased year on year into every kind of infrastructure. The application of the automatic fire detection has made early detection of fires read more

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news Press Releases

Videcon launch Concept Pro X

Leading security solutions developer, designer, and provider, Videcon, have today unveiled their latest Concept Pro camera – the X. A revolutionary piece of software, it allows camera operators to virtually remove someone’s clothing in order to identify if they are carrying weapons or have distinguishing marks/tattoos that will help identify perpetrators of crimes.Each camera operates as a standard CCTV camera read more