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Cybersecurity trends

Here are five key trends across the cybersecurity landscape for 2020, forecast by the Dublin-based Cybersecurity and Information Resilience arm of British Standards (BSI). Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) AttacksA report by LastPass has highlighted that 57 per cent of global businesses are using MFA, compared to 45 per cent in 2018. While this indicates a strong uptake of MFA in 2019, which is set to increase in read more


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What triggers emergency comms?

Yesterday was the launch morning for the Business Continuity Institute’s annual emergency communications report, in London WC1. As befits the international spread of the BCI, so was the report, in terms of where respondents came from, the size of their organisations, and sectors.As for what actually triggers the emergency communications plan, the most common reasons are natural disasters and adverse weather - such as read more


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Bollards at Jewel

In Singapore, Changi Airport has opened Jewel – a mixed-use, lifestyle hub for visitors. Taking more than four years and $1.25 billion to build, Jewel covers 1.46 million square feet and includes sky gardens, what's thought to be the world’s largest indoor waterfall, aviation lounges, restaurants and over 300 shops. As the main airport site runs 24/7; perimeter security around the terminal needed to be installed read more

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VPN can prevent a man-in-the-middle attack

A virtual private network (VPN) runs interference for internet users who want to:• protect their online privacy through location masking • bypass geo-blocking and internet censorship by routing their connection to other “fake” locations • bolster their overall internet security posture with defences against man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, for example.Learn more about the details of VPN and its capabilities, on read more