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Real-time info for recovery planning

Natural disasters can occur anywhere, at any time. Even with technology that can sense an earthquake or predict a severe storm, there is always the chance that a company will be caught off guard and feel the full force of the event. The unpredictability of real-world incidents mean organisations need to develop and have in place disaster recovery and business continuity plans or risk irreparable damage to employees and read more


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ABC of business email compromise

Social engineering is nothing new, writes Anthony Hess, Head of Incident Response at cyber risk firm CFC Underwriting. From the tale of the Trojan horse to Victor Lustig, the infamous Austria-Hungarian who convinced a number of scrap metal dealers that he was selling the Eiffel Tower, scams like these are about as old as human history. But social engineering scams are taking on a new form. The technological read more


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Are businesses really prepared for a data breach?

In 2017 almost half (42pc) of SMBs (small and medium businesses) experienced at least one data breach even though a majority (72pc) were sure they were reliably protected from such incidents, according to a Kaspersky Lab report, ‘From data boom to data doom: the risks and rewards of protecting personal data’. To stay afloat small organisations need to keep up with their competitors and roll out new products or read more

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Wisenet Retail Intelligence

Hanwha Techwin and Facit Data Systems report that selected Wisenet cameras can use Facit’s Calculus server based intelligent retail video analytics software, to deliver a retail intelligence. The Wisenet Heatmap and People Counting cameras enable retailers to identify lost sales opportunities by monitoring updated live reports and view comparative hourly and weekly reports on footfall, store hotspots and dwell times, read more