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Kleptopia: How dirty money is conquering the world

Author Tom Burgis

Reviewed on: 08/12/2020

Historical Perspectives on Organized Crime an...

Author Edited by James Windle, John F...

Reviewed on: 07/12/2020

Making an Impact on Policing and Crime

Author Edited By Clifford Stott, Ben ...

Reviewed on: 07/12/2020

The Psychology of Fraud, Persuasion and Scam ...

Author Martina Dove

Reviewed on: 07/12/2020

Crime Prevention Theory and Practice

Author Stephen Schneider

Reviewed on: 07/12/2020

Power to the People: How Open Technological I...

Author Audrey Kurth Cronin

Reviewed on: 30/11/2020

London Murders

Author David Long

Reviewed on: 06/11/2020

Making an Impact on Policing and Crime

Author Editors: Clifford Stott, Ben B...

Reviewed on: 02/11/2020

You Just Got Cheated: Understanding White-Col...

Author Sibichen K Mathew

Reviewed on: 30/10/2020

CyberStrong: A Primer on Cyber Risk Managemen...

Author Ajay Singh

Reviewed on: 30/10/2020

The Theory of Covert Surveillance

Author Peter Jenkins

Reviewed on: 20/10/2020

Confident Cyber Security

Author Jessica Barker

Reviewed on: 06/10/2020

The Peer and the Gangster

Author Daniel Smith

Reviewed on: 29/09/2020

Scotland’s Gang Members: Life and Crime in ...

Author Robert McLean and James Densley

Reviewed on: 29/09/2020

Crime Dot Com

Author Geoff White

Reviewed on: 10/09/2020

Active Measures

Author Thomas Rid

Reviewed on: 28/08/2020

War and info-war


Reviewed on: 20/08/2020

The Prevent Duty in Education: Impact, Enactm...

Author Editors: Joel Busher, Lee Jerome

Reviewed on: 30/07/2020

The Lockhart Plot: Love, Betrayal, Assassinat...

Author Jonathan Schneer

Reviewed on: 29/07/2020

Professional Security Management: A Strategic...

Author Charles Swanson

Reviewed on: 29/07/2020

Private Security and the Modern State

Author Editors: David Churchill, Dolo...

Reviewed on: 27/07/2020

Alarm response policy


Reviewed on: 06/07/2020


Author Uğur Ümit Üngör

Reviewed on: 22/06/2020

IT Governance

Author Alan Calder and Steve Watkins

Reviewed on: 19/05/2020

Crisis Communication Strategies

Author Amanda Coleman

Reviewed on: 18/05/2020

Mapping and Analysing Crime Data: Lessons fro...

Author Edited by Alex Hirschfield and...

Reviewed on: 03/04/2020

Critical Reflections on Evidence-Based Policing

Author Edited by Nigel Fielding, Kare...

Reviewed on: 02/04/2020

Digital Extremisms

Author Editors, Mark Littler, and Ben...

Reviewed on: 01/04/2020

Building a Resilient Tomorrow: How to Prepare...

Author Alice C Hill and Leonardo Mart...

Reviewed on: 19/03/2020

Intimate Crimes: Kidnapping, Gangs, and Trust...

Author Rolando Ochoa

Reviewed on: 19/03/2020

Going Dark: The Secret Social Lives of Extremists

Author Julia Ebner

Reviewed on: 02/03/2020

The Fifth Domain

Author Richard Clarke and Robert Knake

Reviewed on: 28/02/2020