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Blue: A Memoir

Author John Sutherland

Reviewed on: 19/11/2018

Krav Maga: Extreme Survival

Author Gershon Ben Keren

Reviewed on: 19/11/2018


Author Jane Frankland

Reviewed on: 02/11/2018

Security in the Digital World

Author Graham Day

Reviewed on: 08/10/2018

Crime and Society

Author Editor Donna Youngs

Reviewed on: 27/07/2018

Industrial Security

Author David L Russell and Pieter C Arlow

Reviewed on: 27/07/2018

Retail Crime: International Evidence and Prev...

Author Editors: Vania Ceccato, and Ra...

Reviewed on: 26/07/2018

Disrupt and Deny

Author Rory Cormac

Reviewed on: 25/07/2018

Cyber Wars

Author Charles Arthur

Reviewed on: 24/07/2018

Fundamentals of Risk

Author Paul Hopkin

Reviewed on: 24/07/2018

Anti-Money Laundering

Author Rose Chapman

Reviewed on: 24/07/2018

Terrorism and organised crime


Reviewed on: 21/05/2018

Crisis Ready – Building an Invincible Brand...

Author Melissa Agnes

Reviewed on: 04/05/2018

Sport and Safety Management

Author Steve Frosdick and Lynne Walley

Reviewed on: 13/04/2018

Hacking the Bomb

Author Andrew Futter

Reviewed on: 28/03/2018

Spy Watching

Author Loch K Johnson

Reviewed on: 16/02/2018

Hotel view

Author Stuart Grainger-Smith

Reviewed on: 05/02/2018

Lessons Learned: Critical Information Infrast...

Author Toomas Viira

Reviewed on: 12/01/2018


Author Garry Curtis

Reviewed on: 18/12/2017

The Phantom Capitalists

Author Michael Levi

Reviewed on: 17/11/2017

Surviving Kidnappers

Author Olaf Ofstad

Reviewed on: 25/10/2017

Airey Neave Memorial


Reviewed on: 25/10/2017

Rampage Nation

Author Louis Klarevas

Reviewed on: 05/10/2017

Hacking the Hacker

Author Roger A Grimes

Reviewed on: 23/08/2017

Security Manager's Guide to Disasters

Author Anthony D Manley

Reviewed on: 23/08/2017

Designing Physical Access Control Systems

Author Ross Bale

Reviewed on: 18/08/2017

Investigating Organised Crime and War Crimes

Author Anthony Nott

Reviewed on: 18/08/2017

A Guide for Business Travelers

Author Charles E Goslin

Reviewed on: 30/06/2017

Handbook of Crime Prevention

Author Nick Tilley and Aiden Sidebott...

Reviewed on: 30/06/2017

Cyber Frauds

Author Mark Button and Cassandra Cross

Reviewed on: 30/06/2017

Corporate Fraud Handbook

Author Dr Joseph Wells

Reviewed on: 22/06/2017

Sexy Beasts

Author Wensley Clarkson

Reviewed on: 07/06/2017