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Workforce Management

Digital radios

Crime and disorder figures dropped – during the first lockdown – of 2020, but – began to increase once – restrictions were eased. Security guards have already faced rises in abusive and aggressive behaviours over the last few years, but this is now being compounded by the need to enforce social distancing on an increasingly lockdown-weary public, says the radio communications supplier Hytera.

Guards need all the help they can get to enable them to do their job more effectively, often with smaller teams and more lone working. Two-way Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) and Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices from Hytera not only provide communications, they double up as personal safety devices. DMR networks provide coverage over a specific area, while PoC devices deliver nationwide communications over commercial mobile operator networks.

Hytera push-to-talk (PTT) radios deliver connectivity with colleagues and supervisors enabling them to organise a response to any incident and to send help. Hytera radios are able to withstand tough environments. Noise cancelling technology ensures clear, loud audio, so messages are not missed.

Hytera radios support individual calls, group calls to a team of people, all calls to everyone on the network, and priority emergency calling. They also feature a variety of safety applications including emergency calling, Lone Worker protection and ‘Man Down’ sensor alarms. Integrated GPS technology allows dispatchers to monitor and track personnel and quickly send help to the guard’s location.

Body worn cameras are another useful tool, which can be used to de-escalate situations as people usually calm down if they know their actions are being caught on camera. Bodycams provide a visual and audio record to support the security guard’s version of events. Hytera equipment enables security guards to concentrate on the job, while enhancing their safety.



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