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Physical Security

Maglocks range

The distributor Norbain is promoting a new range of Maglocks from Specialized Security Products Ltd (SSP). Only available via Norbain or directly from SSP, these items of door furniture consume just half the power of traditional equivalent maglocks and help reduce your carbon footprint, the firms say. This means it’s possible to run them over existing PoE (Power over Ethernet) controllers.

Apart from the eco-friendly energy savings they offer the end customer, the security specialist can save time and money on installation, the companies add.

SSP report that they have been working exclusively with their manufacturer to bring environmentally friendly products to market that will help combat carbon footprints.

The Maglocks in SSP’s new ECO range have the same physical sizes and holding strengths as their current ‘Slim’ and ‘Standard’ types. The ‘Slim’ and ‘Standard’ ECO maglocks can produce a holding force of up to 275kg and 545kg respectively, while using only 3 watts of power. As a result of using only half the power of a regular maglock, a saving of 50pc is made on the electricity costs associated in running this ECO-mag, and they can be installed using existing PoE controllers, offering further savings when fitted in time and cost.

As for the compatibility of SSP’s brackets and accessories, they will fit both the ECO and non-ECO products.

A recent SSP customer was quoted as saying, “I will ensure that we use the ECO range from now on. The other advantage to us is, as we supply Access control units that control up to eight doors, so the total reduction in current is significant and reduces the Power Supply requirements or least means they run cooler and more reliably”.

For more on SSP Eco-Friendly Maglocks range or to find out more about Norbain, contact Norbain directly via email:, or phone: 0118 912 5000. Visit


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