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DNA anti-theft product

Stand-alone burglar alarms are not enough, says the company behind a new DNA anti-theft product. It’s designed to foil burglars at commercial and industrial premises. UK-based SeekerDNA recently launched the forensic mist MistGuard, which make use of a UV-DNA impregnated misting system that can be manually activated or linked to an existing alarm.

SeekerDNA director Steve Laugharne says: “The days of the stand-alone burglar alarm system are numbered because owners of premises targeted by burglars are realising they are just not enough.”

MistGuard is described as an intruder deterrent and marking system using traceable synthetic DNA and UV markers, designed to work with alarm systems.

Steve adds: “When activated, an ultra-fine mist is released which marks both thieves and property and irrefutably links perpetrators to the crime – in cases where the use of this synthetic DNA evidence has been available, it has led to a one hundred per cent conviction rate. Alarms alert property owners and police about a break-in, CCTV captures the burglars on film but this is just not enough to deter criminals.”

The misting system can be deployed in a standard overhead misting unit but is scalable and able to cover large areas, such as warehouses and large retail units housing high value goods – and it can be custom constructed to suit sites.

Steve adds: “SeekerDNA provides a range of tailor made solutions to suit individual customer’s requirements in a cost effective manner. We work closely with our clients to identify vulnerabilities through their entire value chain and our solutions, coupled with our effective implementation and client policies and procedures, ensure that the system is fully utilised and effectively implemented. SeekerDNA, by its design, is completely secure, non-toxic and environmentally safe, whilst being extremely robust, stable and permanent in an extensive range of applications.”

Seeker DNA MistGuard is based at Wolverhampton Business Airport, Bobbington and the company distributes a range of forensic DNA tracking products. Visit


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