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Video management software

Hikvision has released its iVMS-5200 Professional video management software. Keen Yao, International Marketing Director at Hikvision, says: “The release of iVMS-5200 Professional reflects Hikvision’s commitment to providing complete security solutions for our partners and customers. Up to 1024 video devices can be connected and iVMS-5200 fully supports all Hikvision products, including DVRs, NVRs, cameras and speed domes; third party products that conform to ONVIF standard can also be connected. This will allow any security needs to be addressed, regardless of the size, complexity or location of the installation.”

The makers described the software as introducing a complete, smart, open, easy-to-use and customizable solution. It can be customised to suit the business needs of vertical markets. For example, it includes a Transact module and a Business Intelligence module in, to meet demands of retail; and Hikvision is integrating a License Plate Recognition module for transport and parking use; and an Access Control module for building facilities management. Many more modules are planned.

For retail a fully-integrated POS system enables users to combine video and transaction data to assist loss prevention and provide evidence in case of customer disputes. Retailers, and supermarkets and chain stores in particular, can use video analytics, such as face recognition, people counting and heat maps to monitor customer flow and preferences and employee performance. The product generates graphical reports to capture business intelligence.

The product supports smart features from Hikvision products, including smart search, playback, smart detection, and smart application for people counting, heat map and interactive map. Besides integration with CCTV equipment, the software also interconnects with various types of security and business systems due to its open architecture design. This provides customers with greater operational possibilities, the makers add. The iVMS-5200 allows operators to customize their own security system to meet a project’s needs.


iVMS-5200 Professional video management software ensures a simple and optimized experience for partners and end users, such as supporting One Step Installation. With just a few clicks, users are able to easily install the software and avoid time-consuming tasks, such as additional staff training. With efficient modular design, iVMS-5200 Professional is also capable of resolving potential system failure quickly by automatic detection and recovery. This ability enables shorter maintenance times and protects users’ investment.

Yao adds: “I am very excited about this release and the possibilities it gives our customers. Whether it’s a new site installation or expanding an existing system, the iVMS-5200 professional software delivers a complete end-to end solution, a more seamless integration of system components, and a superior user experience for our customers worldwide.” Visit


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