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Thermal IP camera

The GV-TM0100 is GeoVision’s first model of thermal IP camera, available from IDS.

The TM0100 is an outdoor (IP66-rated) camera able to produce black-and-white images based on the detected temperature of people, vehicles and the environment. Unlike traditional cameras that rely on visible light, this model is unaffected by lighting and allows you to detect movements even in darkness and backlit scenes. It’s a solution, IDS say, for border surveillance and sparsely populated areas, where it can detect human-sized targets at a distance of 1450m and vehicles at 1850m. Tas Kyriacou, IDS Group’s Business Development Consultant says: “It’s great to have this new thermal camera to add to our range. We now have a product that competes in a market, where we are seeing demand increasing. This model offers the ideal solution for airport and facility perimeters and we look forward to putting it to good use.”

To see the thermal camera in action visit:



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