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Six in IP range

Honeywell added six IP cameras to its equIP IP product series. The new day/night cameras are split into two ranges – 1080p and 720p wide dynamic – with each range incorporating three models; an indoor only mini dome, a vandal resistant mini dome and a box camera.



Progressive scan video gives detail on moving objects such as faces and car number plates. Dual streaming allows each video stream to be configured with an individual resolution whilst Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) results in significant storage savings without sacrificing image quality in low light. The cameras can also be fully integrated with Honeywell’s MAXPRO NVR SE and XE 2.0 ranges to offer an all-Honeywell IP system. 


The high resolution of the 1080p cameras allows operators to digitally zoom for detail and to cover nearly three times the horizontal area compared with standard fixed analogue cameras, the makers say, potentially reducing the number of cameras required to monitor a fixed space and lowering costs. The 1080p cameras’ image detail and ability to highlight small details, such as facial features, means they are suitable for installations that require detail when zooming in, and the highest possible resolution, the makers say. 


The 720p cameras use wide dynamic technology to improve image visibility even in areas of high contrast where objects are hard to identify due to severe backlight or shadows. This allows security staff to identify subjects in areas with strong back lighting or abrupt changes in illumination, or when looking from a well lit area into a darker one. 


“Successfully using IP technology to improve the quality, detail and resolution of video recording, particularly in challenging environments, is a constant focus for security manufacturers,” says Mark Openshaw, Product Manager for Honeywell Security Group EMEA. “Helping installers and end users monitor wider areas and use video footage more effectively is driving the evolution of, and demand for IP solutions.”


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