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Recorder update

Videcon report an update to their new range of Concept Pro Recorders that brings Video Analytics (VA) and Deep Learning Video Analytics (DLVA) to the brand.

As the distributor says, video analytics were introduced to CCTV as an attempt to reduce false alarms and do so through detecting a pattern of motion in pixel values and triggering an alarm if certain criteria are met, such as a line being crossed or an object being removed. Deep Learning Video Analytics, the West Yorkshire-based firm adds, takes this to the next level and adds intelligence to analysing live footage. DLVA uses pixel values, edges, vector shapes and a variety of visual elements to recognise objects and uses multi-layer neural network algorithms to determine what specific objects are. The result is the firm says a highly accurate identification of objects, such as people, animals and vehicles to ensure an alarm is only triggered when it matters.

Videcon have integrated DLVA into their range of Concept Pro recorders. This eliminates the need for a specialist NVR, reducing costs of Deep Learning technology, according to the company.

Videcon have also moved to reduce doubts surrounding the accuracy of traditional Video Analytics as its VA modules are supported by a guided configuration, helping the installer set up VA in a way that maximises accuracy and aids the recorder in getting a sense of object size and depth in relation to camera view. Users have a variety of detection rules to select from, animal and human, vehicle and object detection. VA is available on all Concept Pro NVRs and DVRs set up using selected Concept Pro IP cameras and DLVA is available on the Professional and Elite Level NVRs.

Demonstrations of VA and DLVA are available from Videcon, call 01924 528000 for details.


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