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The Canadian IP product company Genetec has launched its SV-PRO Network Security Appliance line, pictured. Aimed at mid-size and stand-alone businesses, the SV-PRO comes pre-installed with the unified CCTV and access control features offered in Genetec Security Center. The manufacturer has also added to the SV-16, an appliance for small sites and distributed installations hosting up to 16 IP cameras or door controllers.

The SV-PRO is a rack-mountable appliance pre-loaded with Security Center. The product can be deployed as a security system, or for stand-alone video or access control, and supports a range of industry-standard cameras and door controllers. The product can work with up to 100 cameras, or up to 256 readers, or a split configuration of up to 50 cameras and 128 readers respectively.

Users can select their preferred hardware from a list of cameras and door controllers—or re-use existing kit. The product features a redundant power supply option, dual-port network card, and internal hot-swappable storage options of up to 12TB (with RAID 5 storage configuration option).

Francis Lachance, Associate Director of Product Management at Genetec, says: “With the growing demand in Europe and the Middle East for an ‘off-the-shelf’ unified security appliance that supports the shift towards IP-driven video and access control solutions, our SV-PRO and SV-16 appliances are today directly addressing these market needs. With the pre-installed Genetec Security Center software, our European and Middle East customers will now be able to realize all the benefits of simplified installation and maintenance for this powerful and flexible all-in-one IP-video surveillance and access control product.”


Already available in Europe, Genetec SV-16 offers unified video surveillance and access control in an appliance. Designed to support up to 16 edge devices (or eight cameras and eight door controllers, respectively) SV-16 comes with Genetec Security Center, and is now available with up to 1TB of storage. The SV-16 is for smaller businesses and retail locations with multiple locations that need to federate camera feeds and access control information to a central monitoring facility. Like the SV-PRO, the SV-16 is compatible with a range of IP cameras, encoders, readers and door controllers, and allows customers to choose the hardware from their preferred vendors.

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