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The Taiwanese network CCTV manufacturer VIVOTEK has unveiled new H.265/HEVC surveillance products, including 3-Megapixel and 5-Megapixel network cameras, NVRs (network video recorders), and VMS (video management software). The firm has introduced Smart Stream II technology. By adopting VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II and H.265, users will the makers say reduce bandwidth and data storage demands by up to 80 per cent more than systems using H.264.

Tim Su, Director, Marketing Communication Department, VIVOTEK Inc, says: “H.265/HEVC, the new video compression technology can bring out twice the efficiency of H.264. VIVOTEK, as a leading IP surveillance solution provider, aims achieve this great achievement through its self-developed Smart Stream II technology. VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II technology can optimize resolutions for a desired object or area to maximize the efficiency of bandwidth usage. By combining H.265 and Smart Stream II, we are able to create the most efficient system possible.” Tim Su went on to add, “To meet market demand, we present these comprehensive H.265 solutions, including front-end megapixel network cameras, back-end network video recorders and remote video management software. Through these total solutions, customers can fully enjoy better efficiency of bandwidth and storage-saving solutions without losing image quality.”

VIVOTEK will initially introduce the V-Pro H.265 network cameras, a range of 3-Megapixel and 5-Megapixel network cameras. With WDR Pro and SNV (Supreme Night Visibility), the new V-Pro H.265 network cameras ensure quality images under any lighting it is claimed. H.265 box type network cameras feature a Gigabit Ethernet port and Snapshot Focus functions with the ability to precisely focus cameras even for fast-moving objects, the company says. For harsh environments, purpose-built outdoor bullet and vandal-proof network cameras come with weather-proof IP66-rated and vandal-proof IK10-rated housing to offer an operating temperature range from minus 50 degrees C to 50 degrees C.

VIVOTEK also introduces two H.265 compatible NVRs, the 32-channel ND9541, and 16-channel ND9441. Both recorders support H.265 video compression and up to 24TB storage capacity with four hard disk trays, which offer the firm says 30pc to 50pc more recording capacity compared to other systems equipped only for H.264 compression. A de-warping function enables a panoramic image to be recorded while areas of interest are displayed in detail. Thanks to the EZConnect APP, users can remotely monitor their surveillance system from an iOS or Android device.

And VIVOTEK releases a new generation of VMS, VAST Version 1.11. This new version supports the H.265 codec and a software license. A free default 32-channel license can be securely relocated to anywhere. The new VAST Version 1.11 also features a built-in Intelligent Alarm Management function, which empowers security staff to record the alarm status and take notes for quick research and efficient management.

The H.265 5-Megapixel network cameras are scheduled to be available by the end of the fourth quarter, 2015. Visit


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