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Berlin building

‘Alexanderhaus’ in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz is now a modernist building with a modernised video security system. Owned by Landesbank Berlin AG, it has legal protection as a building of special architectural and historic interest and houses the head office of the Berlin Sparkasse – the Berlin savings bank.

For the last 15 years or so a Geutebruck analogue video system has been used for security purposes. Recently however, the local communications and security installer KTF-Berlin GmbH upgraded it to bring it into the digital age and open it up for future improvements and expansion. The centralized analogue system and analogue displays have been replaced with Geutebruck digital equipment including hybrid re_porter video platforms, a GeViSoft management system and modern digital workstations running GSCView-Station software. For the time being the cabling and analogue cameras have been retained, but these can now be easily replaced with IP cameras when desired.

Meeting current standards also involved Schneider-Intercom call points. These were linked to the CCTV via existing cabling and an analog matrix, so that picture and sound are available to security staff for assessing situations. For more about Geutebruck products and solutions – visit

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Alexander House and its neighbour Berolina House were designed by the modernist architect Peter Behrens and constructed in 1930-32. They were the only designs from the 1929 Alexanderplatz redevelopment competition ever to be built. After severe damage in the second world war Alexander House was initially repaired in the ‘50s, then completely reconstructed and significantly expanded in 1994/5.


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