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Video management software

Hikvision has launched Blazer Express. It’s described as an intelligent video management software (iVMS) station, designed for small-to medium-sized retail surveillance applications.

Catering for up to 16 or 32 network surveillance cameras, Blazer Express (supplied with pre-installed operating system), offers shops, multi-site stores and petrol stations, central video management. It’s installed via its set-up wizard, and automatic device discovery to recognise any connected Hikvision devices.

The software features can support retail users to increase their business efficiency. Users can select a target or event for a number of uses, such as to retrieve video footage to review employee performance for training or sales evaluation, as well as to protect assets and staff.

Blazer Express supplies live, playback and alarm camera viewing via its interface, for locating video footage via multiple video search options: including tag, lock, interval and segment. Displaying a visual overview of all camera locations, an on-screen e-map lets users access camera-related live video, playback and alarm activated events. The product can integrate with point of sale (POS) systems, associating POS transaction data with relevant CCTV footage, to help identify and review suspicious transactions, and as evidence over any customer disputes.

Suitable the makers say for petrol stations, car parks and management of vehicle entrances and exits, the software also comes as standard with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). A people counting function can provide data for retailers to gain an understanding of people flow over time.

The product comes with pluggable mSATA design for system maintenance. A system health-check function monitors service, storage, and camera running status. iVMS stations can be installed at multiple remote sites, with cascade mode used to deploy central video management. In multi-site mode, the product allows operators to access video and alarm information from remote retail branches. As for system expansion, if and when a new store needs to be accommodated, it’s simply a case of connecting a new Blazer Express to the system, and multi-site systems can be configured to enable a Blazer Express client to manage all stores’ video footage and alarm information centrally. The iVMS systems can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere in the world using multiple free clients. The software supports third-party ONVIF compliant cameras or private protocols, with Hikvision providing a SDK for third-party systems integration.

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