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Software update

Johnson Controls has added more video capabilities and deeper analytics to its Tyco American Dynamics victor and VideoEdge v5.7.1 video management platform as part of the latest software update.

This update includes analytics for social distancing detection combined with alerts, for when a violation occurs, and analytics to detect objects that linger along a perimeter. Featuring targeted analytics and video management control, VideoEdge v5.7.1 now includes Intelligent Perimeter Protection alerts and new rules which allow users to detect objects that linger along a perimeter for a set time or cross perimeter lines to enter a protected area. The Perimeter Protection rule measures linger time in seconds; when an object stays in the subscribed area during the time frame or travels through the perimeter into the protected area an alert is triggered.

As for workplace health and safety, VideoEdge v5.7.1 uses IP cameras and automated notification to aid adherence to COVID-19 protocols and compliance through Social Distancing Alerts. These alerts occur when individuals or groups fail to adhere to separation guidelines in a range of workplace and facility scenarios. VideoEdge analytics count the number of people in a certain area and send notification if people are too close or otherwise violating company coronavirus mandates. It’s also of use the developers add for monitoring inmates and visitors in prisons; and to establish long-term workspace planning with an eye to health and wellness.

Additions to Intelligent Person Search capabilities allow operators to launch live video from search results – while continuing to search for the person in recorded camera feeds. Other updates include a new Maintenance Mode Action Editor to manage system changes on demand; the ability to hide sensitive areas with Client Privacy Zones; and added system security with a new Auto Logout feature, which logs users out of the VideoEdge GUI after a specified time. Release v5.7.1 also provides new tools for Illustra Pro Gen 4 PTZ camera control: a drop-down menu has been added to AI powered person or face detection in the Intelligent Auto Track feature and an Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) algorithm sharpens images and footage between frames associated with the motion of a camera.



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