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Software, server combination

With VideoNetBox 3 from Dallmeier, medium-sized companies can set up a video security system for up to 16 HD video streams, at a frame rate of 30 fps (frames per second), the developers report. The product combines the company’s SMAVIA recording and analysis software with fanless server hardware. It’s aimed at shops, petrol stations and small factories.

The box has two lockable bays for 2.5-inch hard disk drives on the front side. These are used for recording. The hardened Linux operating system and the SMAVIA Recording Server application are installed on a separate flash module.

The product supports all Dallmeier camera models including the multi-focal Panomera. It offers analysis and viewing functions; integration of site maps; and mobile app viewing and monitoring. The product brings branch-office connectivity also in low-bandwidth areas, according to the firm. An optional PRemote-HD function transcodes high-definition video streams (live and playback) for transmission in low-bandwidth networks.

Two SMAVIA client licenses are included; SMAVIA Viewing Client allows independent evaluation of the recordings over the network. The software can be installed on workstations with Windows operating system and adjusted individually.

The product also offers integration of third party manufacturers’ cameras, with motion detection, via the ONVIF protocol. For more details visit the Dallmeier website.


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