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Social Distance Measuring application

Hanwha Techwin has launched an AI deep learning based video analytics Social Distance Measuring application. During COVID-19, it’s to help businesses implement their social distancing policies, the manufacturer says.

Developed by A.I Tech, Hanwha Techwin’s technology partner, the server based Social Distance Measuring application is able to measure the distance between people in a camera’s field of view and will generate an alarm if social distancing rules are not being complied with. Users can also be alerted if the number of people within an area exceeds a specified threshold. Working with all Wisenet cameras, the application has been developed for use in workplaces, such as offices and factories, as well as such other indoor locations as art galleries, museum and places of worship.

The application performs outdoors, and offers a social distancing tool for public transport and in city centres where local authorities are looking to monitor and manage crowds which may gather in popular locations. The application has been integrated with Wisenet WAVE Video Management Software (VMS). A user has the option to use web-based AI Tech dashboard to collect, aggregate, view and act on alarms and events from multiple camera streams. The data can also be visualised through charts, tables and images, whilst data can be exported through .csv, .jpeg or .pdf and integrated into third-party systems. The dashboard is customisable to meet a user’s operational requirements and is accessed via PC, smartphone or tablet.

Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, said: “In our ‘new normal’ world, there are countless businesses who wish to give their colleagues, customers and visitors confidence that the need for a safe distance between them, is being respected.

“The Social Distance Measuring application will help them do so and as such, perfectly complements the capabilities of our licence-free Occupancy Monitoring solution which is designed to be installed at entrances and accurately counts the number of people entering or leaving a building. Both are part of a suite of COVID-19 related solutions offered by Hanwha Techwin, which also includes a Face Mask Detection application.”



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