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Server with video management software

The new Video Processing Server range from Security Buying Group matches NVRs on price, says the product distributor.

The Video Processing Server (VPS) range, from Security Buying Group, is an industrial server, pre-loaded with Aimetis Video Management Software (VMS). The VPS range competes with NVRs on price, even in the under- 16 channel CCTV market, it is claimed. Each server comes with a 64bit Windows operating system (OS) installed on a solid-state drive (SSD), for stability. They can be built with 4TB, 9TB and 12TB storage options and use 24/7/365 surveillance grade HDDs, with a three-year warranty. The VPS 4 has a 1U chassis with 4TB and an Intel processor. The VPS 9 and 12 have a 2U chassis with 9 or 12TB and an i7 processor.

Paul Scott, technical manager at the Security Buying Group, said: “The VPS 4 is designed for systems with up to 20, Full HD channels. The VPS 9 and 12 are designed for systems with a maximum of 40 Full HD channels, and offer up to four additional analytics channels. Resolutions are up to 1080p on all channels at 25FPS [frames per second], reaching a staggering 1000FPS on the 40 channel options.

“Whereas NVRs are typically supplied in eight and 16 channel formats, the VPS can be loaded with the exact number of channels required for each application, capitalising on the flexibility of the Aimetis VMS. This makes the VPS range highly competitive because installers simply buy what they need. If the system grows, more licenses can be added, without reaching the eight and 16 channel limitations of NVRs. At 40 channels, we still use only a single VPS, whereas in more traditional security applications, three NVRs would be required.”

The Security Buying Group Ltd is the UK agent for Grundig and Aimetis. For more on Security Buying Group Ltd ring 0161 480 5922 or visit


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