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Project accolade

Vastiq Solutions has been recognised with a Best Project Achievement Award from Panasonic Malaysia, for its design work with the UK access security manufacturer TDSi on an integrated security project for Telekom Brunei’s (TelBru) mobile network.

The project saw Panasonic’s I-Pro Series CCTV IP cameras integrated with TDSi’s access control systems, VUgarde video management software and Texecom intruder alarms. The project covered safety and security of TelBru’s network of mobile telecoms masts and installations.

Jayendan Jothi Kandan, Director at Vastiq Solutions said: “Two phases have been completed for TelBru, which now protect 54 sites across the country. Using Panasonic’s powerful cameras and TDSi’s fully integrated systems, we have supplied a security solution that is robust and dependable, yet flexible and simple to evolve in the future.”

Seelan Kandasamy, General Manager at Panasonic Malaysia Sdn. Bhd said: “This was a complex project which features many remote, rural and potentially vulnerable locations for a vital telecoms network. As our consulting partner, Vastiq Solutions worked closely with TDSi and ourselves to design an effective solution that encompasses Panasonic’s cameras with these closely aligned integrated security systems. TelBru now has full peace of mind that its systems and customer service commitments are fully protected.”

IP CCTV cameras monitor each site and integrated access control means only those authorised can enter. Security staff monitor via a secure online portal using TDSi’s EXgarde security management software. This reduces the need for human security to continually visit each remote site, yet gives alerts of any suspicious activity, providing both live and historical data for compliance and security reviews.

John Davies, Managing Director of TDSi said: “The TelBru project is the perfect example of how well-integrated security and surveillance systems can protect vital installations, whilst offering greater flexibility and support to human security teams. We are proud to have partnered with Vastiq Solutions and Panasonic Malaysia on this exciting project.”


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