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Integrated Systems

Lock support

Genetec, the Canadian IP security product company, plans to support the Schlage AD-Series of hardwired and wireless locks, pictured.

The Schlage AD 300 and 400 Series, from the multi-national Allegion, can be integrated into Genetec Synergis—the IP-based access control module in Genetec Security Center, the company’s IP security platform that combines access control, video surveillance and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). The firms say that customers can expect to enroll Schlage AD-Series into their Synergis access control system in
Security Center version 5.5 (expected in the second quarter of 2016), and will be available through the Genetec Channel Partner Program.

The firms say that this addition will also give installers access to more hardwired and wireless electronic locks. According to the companies, wireless locks reduce installation time and labour costs typically associated with hardwired products.

Robert Gaulden, Allegion’s U.S. Director, Aftermarket and Electronic Sales, said: “Bringing together leading solutions for enterprise-class access control software and responsive and durable locks is a win for our customers. The integration of Schlage AD-Series locks with the Genetec Synergis access control platform enables organisations to extend their solution without compromising security.”

Through this integration, users will be able to use the lock’s adaptability to upgrade the security level on credentials without the need to replace the full lock. Allegion customers will also be able to migrate to IP access control without having to add or replace access control hardware, the companies say.

Derek Arcuri, Product Marketing Manager, Genetec Inc, said: “Genetec is pleased to be able to team up with Allegion to offer our end-users a greater choice in access control hardware, whether they are designing a new physical security system or updating an existing one. Now, customers can leverage the Synergis access control solution in Security Center to deploy a scalable IP-based system that brings together wired access control with Schlage hardwired and wireless electronic locks.”

When Synergis and Schlage locks are deployed alongside Genetec video surveillance products, users will be able to view lock events linked with live or recorded video.


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