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Integrated Systems

Item management

HID Global, the identity and access control product company, has added to its Internet of Things solutions (IoT) products, for asset and equipment management, HID Location Services for Item Management. That monitors the location and movement of assets and equipment across multiple locations or in a specific area; and the new HID Condition Monitoring Services provides real-time analysis of equipment performance and health.

Mark Robinton, Director of Strategic Innovation with HID Global, said: “Every day, organisations seek to address pressing concerns around the misuse, tampering or theft of assets, as well as unforeseen equipment downtime. HID’s latest solutions make it possible to quickly locate items, provide valuable equipment data to optimise equipment efficiency, plus react quickly to critical events or instantly know when equipment fails. These capabilities are crucial for the daily operations in hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and a wide range of industrial organisations requiring instant, actionable data to streamline workflow and processes.”

The new HID Location Services can locate items, such as ladders, carts, and emergency hospital equipment. It also delivers predictive analysis to forecast the future location of an item, such as on a factory floor, or at an airport, or retail outlets. In scenarios where an item’s location impacts workforce safety, facility managers can use geo-fences to deploy alerts by establishing policies that monitor incoming vehicles, hazardous materials or equipment.

HID Conditioning Monitoring Services help create predictive analysis for vending machines, conveyor belts, heating and cooling systems, medical and other equipment.

The new solutions are enabled by Bluvision, an HID Global company, and are based on a common platform, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver location, and include an HID Bluzone cloud service, Bluetooth beacons in multiple form factors, and BluFi gateways. The cloud-based model eliminates infrastructure setup of antennas, servers and wired infrastructure. Installation involves plugging in AC-powered BLE/WiFi gateways and attaching beacons to items and equipment. Visit


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