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Integrated Systems


Stephen Smith is the new Managing Director of ISM. He takes over from David Jenkins, founder of ISM and the original PSIM pioneer. Smith’s appointment coincides with his 25th year at ISM and follows a seven-month succession-planning period. Smith said: “I have big boots to fill having worked with David for the last 25 years. It will take some getting used to but having access to him in a consultative capacity is reassuring and invaluable.”

According to Smith, ISM is entering an exciting time. “The opportunities in our home markets and abroad place us in a strong position to achieve unprecedented growth. This isn’t about one person but about the team. In the last few years we’ve built a very strong management team and whilst there’s no doubt I’m relishing the challenges that are part and parcel of being MD I’m grateful to my heads of department and our team of loyal, dedicated and excellent engineers.

“We have the right products and, within each product range offer choices that meet a client’s needs irrespective of their size. For example if you look at our PSIM Genesys, we can offer a small but scalable system for a client in need of two stations and two drivers to a cost-effective solution for a multinational brand looking for flexible high-end integration. And we have a competitive advantage that directly benefits our clients. I’m happy for us to be compared with competitors because I know we’re head and shoulders above anything they have to offer. We have the most innovative products and the most user-friendly systems on the market; systems that we develop standing in the shoes of the security installer, not the IT department.”

Smith adds: “We were before our time. Now we are of our time. We design, develop and deliver solid, sound and reliable products but, crucially with the functionality that others can only dream of with ease-of-use and a look that really delivers the wow factor. I am proud to be the new MD of this iconic and great British brand.”


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