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Customer dashboard

Milestone Systems, the Danish IP video management software (VMS) company, has updated the Milestone Customer Dashboard, an online system monitoring service. This service lets Milestone channel partners get real-time system status of any of their customers’ installations. Resellers can keep track of the technical status in the systems and solve issues before they become a problem for the customer.

The Milestone Customer Dashboard receives continuous system status updates from customer installations that hold a valid Software Upgrade Plan (SUP). System status updates can be viewed by the partners through the Milestone Customer Dashboard from their profile on My Milestone (the Milestone partner portal). New features include: choosing the preferred time zone format with the time zone selector, to see the alarm list and more in the local time zones of each installation. A user can access the error log and system history from connected systems to get an overview of the behaviour and performance of installations. “All OK” email digests tell resellers all systems are functioning properly. And you can check in-page listing of the possible error messages with tips to resolve the issue.

The makers add that the Customer Dashboard requires no set up, and it works automatically once it’s enabled in the Management Application by the installing partner. The online service is compatible with all 2013 versions and forward of XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Professional, XProtect Express, XProtect Essential and all models of the Milestone Husky network recorder series.

The Customer Dashboard was on show at the recent ASIS International trade show in Atlanta. Visit:


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