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Cloud, access integration

Eagle Eye Networks, the cloud video surveillance service, reports a new partnership with Salto Systems, the access control product company.

In the new Salto KS (keys as a service) application, the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Surveillance product has been integrated via cloud to provide Salto KS customers what the firms call a more Cyber-secure video experience connected to access control events. Within the Salto KS mobile app, a user can confirm a person’s identity before remotely granting access to a door, and share the video footage with offsite, cloud back-up.

These and other features delivered by the Salto KS / Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS integration, are of use it’s claimed to end users in various verticals that need integration between video and access control.

Rick Voogt, MD of SALTO KS said: “It is great to be able to provide this integration with what we perceive is our twin in the industry for CCTV. Twins because our companies are almost the same age, we share the Cloud vision and both share core values like security, reliability and both sell and support through a global network.”

Through APIs, cloud integrations are superior the firms say to on-site integrations in terms of speed, security and the redundancy of valuable customer data. For system integrators, this new partnership enables opportunities to seek monthly recurring revenues on video and access control products.

SALTO KS provides access control management that requires no software installed. The cloud-based, wireless access control system’s configuration with an Eagle Eye Cloud VMS customer account can be accomplished in a few steps with the appropriate Eagle Eye Networks’ customer account credentials.

Dean Drako, CEO and Founder of Eagle Eye Networks said: “We are pleased to work alongside Salto Systems globally to provide a better user experience for both end users and channel partners. Cloud systems are rapidly becoming the better option in physical security and we are determined to continue leading the transformation with strong partnerships like this one with Salto Systems.”



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