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Integrated Systems

Arecont Vision partner

Arecont Vision, the US-based IP-based megapixel camera company, announced that audio monitoring firm Louroe Electronics has joined the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program. Louroe’s products are now available in the Arecont Vision MegaLab.

Richard Brent, CEO of Louroe Electronics, said: “Working closer with Arecont Vision allows both companies to develop and bring to market better and more complete solutions that benefit end users and systems integrators. The use of audio with the cameras is a must, and we look forward to adding audio to improve security for our mutual customers.”

Louroe Electronics products are used in 56 countries, and used by the private sector and government. Focusing on a range of the sound spectrum, Louroe’s products offer perimeter protection, access control, alarm verification, deterrence/loss prevention, evidence, and quality assurance when integrated into commercial security systems.

Jason Schimpf, Arecont Vision’s Director of the Technology Partner Program, said: “Louroe manufactures their high-quality products in Los Angeles just as Arecont Vision does. This American-made approach ensures that our customers are getting the highest quality products available with advanced capabilities and proven reliability. Having product management, engineering, quality, and final assembly all under one roof allows us to be flexible, and build on demand to meet customer needs and installation deadlines.”


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