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AI video analytics to Korean market

The security manufacturer Hanwha Techwin and Azena, an IoT platform provider, have announced a collaboration with KT Corp, the Korean telecoms company, to provide AI video analytics to the Korean market. AI video analytics apps from Azena’s marketplace that run on Hanwha Techwin cameras will enable Korean use of AI for security and safety and other management tasks.

Smart cameras from Hanwha Techwin, will run the operating system from Azena. Users of these devices can download and install apps from the nearly 100 in Azena’s Application Store, an open platform for AI smart camera apps. KT Corp will provide a 5G MEC platform to support a 5G network for wireless connections, and hybrid computing services for back-end AI processes that require high computing capacity.

Hartmut Schaper, chief executive officer, Azena, pictured, said: “Expanding our presence into Korea with our partners taps into a market already progressive and mature in their use of AI technology. We are looking forward to working with not only Hanwha Techwin and KT Corp but also the Korean community of edge AI application developers.”

As for the cameras, users can add or change functionality — from traditional security and safety uses to apps that aid operational intelligence or drive automation and other process improvements — all while using the same hardware, much like a smartphone.

KiChul Kim, Head of Sales & Marketing at Hanwha Techwin Headquarters is an Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) board member. He said: “We are cultivating a flexible landscape to benefit all. App developers can rely on best-in-class hardware, and system integrators can select best-in-class apps from Azena’s app market to provide a custom solution to end users.”

Azena (a German off-shoot of Bosch) and Hanwha Techwin say that the open platform approach decouples software from hardware. KT Corp’s 5G MEC platform enables the deployment and provides hybrid computing resources while reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership) and lead time.

“I believe that Hanwha Techwin and the Azena AI application platform powered by KT Corp 5G MEC technology allow us to make state of the art AI technology with 5G MEC available to a wide range of businesses and organizations across Korea,” said Yoonsung Park, Leader of 5G MEC TF at KT Corp.


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