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Integrated Systems

ANPR integration

The access control manufacturer Inner Range has a new integration with the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) company Tattile.

Inner Range’s access control and intruder detection product, Integriti, can now integrate with Tattile’s ANPR system Vega Smart HD/2HD. The Italian manufacturer’s product is designed for security, toll roads and traffic monitoring. It offers accuracy in reading number plates, including at speeds of over 150mph, the makers claim.

The product can cover two lanes of traffic over a total width of 7.5 metres. Besides number plate data, the product can recognise vehicle colour, brand and model besides providing full HD streaming for video surveillance.

Tim Northwood, General Manager at Inner Range, said: “We’ve tried and tested Tattile’s system and it delivers on its promise of great accuracy extremely quickly. It’s a fantastic addition to our range of integration options for Integriti customers who monitor and manage multiple systems in one place and benefit from improved security and safety as a result.”

Inner Range says that its Integriti delivers an intelligent integrated security solution for managing and controlling single and multiple sites at local, national and global levels. Integration with third-party systems turns Integriti into a PSIM (physical security information management) product the firm adds, managing not only security and building automation but also people and business continuity processes such as HR, payroll, health and safety and other regulations. A user can evidence for general improvement and core business functions.



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