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Support app

Skillweb has launched a support and messaging app for security businesses to better communicate and engage with their remotely-based staff, while streamlining administrative and control room procedures. MySmartTask is a downloadable app, suitable for a workforce’s personal smartphones, which enables security officers to view their latest rosters and confirm availability for work shifts. This can reduce the developers say the number of calls required to finalise schedules by up to 75 per cent.

MySmartTask operates alongside the SmartTask employee scheduling and remote workforce management solution. This means when rosters are created a breakdown of work planned can now be sent directly to staff via the app at the touch of a button. Employees will then have the option to accept or decline shifts with a single tap, simplifying the roster confirmation process and removing the need for time consuming telephone or email confirmation.

When combined with the fully configurable and automated SmartTask intelligent rostering module it is now possible for the system to automatically select best matched officers based on key crieteria and offer them shifts without any human intervention. As a result, administrative staff and schedulers will only need to intervene when the officers are unable to fulfil the suggested shifts.

A range of added functionality will be introduced including an easy-to-use holiday and equipment request system, along with a bulletin board and suggestion box that will help remove the disconnect that can exist between security companies and their remotely-based teams.

Paul Ridden, Managing Director of Skillweb said: “MySmartTask complements our existing employee scheduling and remote workforce management solution, significantly reducing the time and administrative resource needed to liaise with employees to confirm their availability for shifts. Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges when managing a remote workforce is making field-based employees feel like a valued part of the company, so this smartphone app will help engage with staff and maintain a positive working relationship.”


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