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Securitas interim report

The security contractor Securitas in its latest interim report points to what it calls positive development in some important markets in Europe – notably Germany, Turkey and Sweden. The UK did not get a mention in the report. The Americas are where the firm is growing most.

Alf Göransson, pictured, President and Chief Executive Officer said: “Technology is reshaping the security industry. Increasing the sales of security solutions and technology will continue to be the most important strategic focus of Securitas in years to come. In 2014, security solutions and technology sales grew with 28 percent compared to 2013. We estimate that we can continue to grow the sales of security solutions and technology in at least the same range in 2015. The trend in the second quarter supports the target and all business segments are driving the increase at similar pace.”

The multi-national could point to slightly higher organic sales growth – four per cent in the second quarter of 2015, compared with 3pc for the same quarter last year; and likewise 4.7pc operating margin for the quarter compared with 4.6pc for the equivalent quarter in 2014. While the rise in organic sales growth is sharpest in Spanish-speaking Latin America, operating margin for the company is higher in North America and Europe. In fact the operating margin for the firm’s Security Services Europe arm fell in that second quarter of 2015; it was 5.1pc, compared with 5.4pc a year before. The European part of the firm which provides about half of its sales has 800 branch managers and 117,000 employees. Continent-wide, the company’s client retention rate remained the same at 92 percent as did its employee turnover at 26 percent.

Göransson said that the company’s operating margin improved compared to last year and earnings per share grew 10 percent, adjusted for changes in exchange rates.


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