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Key storage for guard firm

The SIA-approved contractor Guarding UK manages about 1,500 sites across the UK, protecting commercial, corporate and residential sites across industry sectors including in central London, retailers, property owners and management agents, airports and airlines.

Employing around 800 staff, north London-based Guarding UK installed bespoke-in-design Traka key storage products to uphold a pledge to customers for compliant and secure key holding, with remote accountability enabled to ensure keys are managed and available instantly by authorised personnel.

At Guarding UK, Mick Spring, Head of Mobile Services says: “Guarding UK prides itself on being recognised as amongst the best leading security company in the country. We are constantly monitoring our resources and systems to not only ensure compliance, but also create a culture that supports our teams to provide a superior service.

“Traka is a testament to this ambition, providing a unique way for customers to trust us to manage their keys effectively. Having an ability to work with us right from the initial design of a system was what really appealed, allowing us to incorporate different tracking attributes, with full visibility of key whereabouts at any given time. Should a key holder need to attend a site, we can provide all details of the call out with dedicated audit control, including specific time, which can all be instantly emailed for business reporting.”

On-site, Guarding UK has installed Traka’s L-Touch key cabinets, pictured, which are the product firm says designed for larger sites with a high key turnover. Working with specialist TrakaWEB Software, allowed for audit control, including notifications when keys are not returned, presenting traceability and reporting.

Lee Payne, Market Development Manager for Traka UK, says: “Guarding UK is at the forefront of high-quality protection management and has managed to maintain this leading industry position through a commitment to compliance and continuous improvement across its sector offerings and service excellence.

“Within Guarding UK obligation to key holding, the adaptability of Traka technology allows us to create a solution that could not only enhance key management but also improve communications, operations and workflow, enabling staff to present a seamless team approach. The audit trail capability presents a system that can be relied on 24 / 7 / 365 for the ongoing benefit and peace of mind security of all Guarding UK customers.”



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