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Implications for security

The security industry must consider the implications for security that took place in the 1930s during the great depression, writes the International Security Industry Organization, ISIO.

In 1929 the great depression brought the world into a time of despair that lasted ten years. Covid-19 is the root cause which surmounts the issues even more so. This dynamic of the ‘perfect storm’ will create calamities and shifting crime into different directions causing the security industry to shrink in some areas and grow in others.

This period gave rise to certain types of crime being the birthing of the organised crime gangs dealing in bootlegging and prostitution, besides the entry of the ultra-right wingers where xenophobia led to the murder of millions.

Manufacturing took a major blow during the depression, the banks had their issues along with other sectors in the economic machine took its toll. Now, the fourth industrial revolution on the rise will have its own unique issues and crime.

Physical security will have to contend with issues that will increase dramatically.

Man’s basic need of food, shelter and drink – (prohibition crime in the 30s) besides medicine or medical support will be heightened and calling for all related buildings and logistic services related as soft targets. This knowledge will give direction to the security industry whereas, security consultants, companies, risk managers, investigators and trainers must comprehend their position, predict the changes in their location and field of interest to survive this debilitating period.

This scenario will impact on the skills required now which must be relevant with distinct purpose. There may be a rush by educators to make certificates available but all the information is not in just yet and therefore, the most important step is to rapidly disseminate information in short bursts with short predictions within days and weeks. The educators and regulators have to implement protocols for emergency and disaster information and education related by tapping in on upgrading existing skills for relevancy.

Crime related to covid-10 [Juan Kirsten 2020] predicted issues that have occurred recently which is based on [Criminology and Security Investigation Management Ref Juan Kirsten 2019] which uncovered new crime, uncovered evolving copycat crime and opportunities (methods) to limit or mitigate the collateral damage. This knowledge is now being used to comprehend the economic depression impacting the world in keeping with calamities and crime.


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