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Emergency lighting, fire detection and wayfinding

Hochiki Europe, the manufacturer of life safety products, has launched FIREscape+, which combines emergency lighting, fire detection and wayfinding. It’s for building occupant safety during an emergency, while offering the company adds efficiencies for building owners.

FIREscape+ features Hochiki Europe’s FIREscape emergency lighting, plus its ESP intelligent range of fire detection products. In the event of a fire, dynamic emergency exit signs will illuminate with a red cross to divert building occupants from using an escape route compromised by fire. Meanwhile in unaffected areas, the exit signs will illuminate with the internationally recognised BS EN ISO 7010 green graphic, to guide building occupants to the closest emergency exit.

The integration of Hochiki Europe’s Enhanced Systems Protocol (ESP) technology also offers false alarm management, according to the firm. Every 24 hours, the system checks for any changes to the area and recalibrates the sensors to suit. Each sensor can be adjusted to match the expected risk of its surrounds, while alarm verification uses time delay algorithms to eliminate unwanted alarms.

A single panel controla fire detection and emergency lighting units on a single loop, and can cut costs by up to 40 per cent, the makers claim. The range operates at extra low voltage without the need for mains power, further reducing the cost of ownership, the manufacturers add.

Ian Watts, Emergency Lighting Manager at Hochiki Europe said: “We know that our customers, especially those working with large premises, want to be able to specify and install the most effective life safety solutions at an affordable cost. By integrating our fire detection and emergency lighting technology, we’re able to offer an innovative range that helps them do just that. Since we first unveiled FIREscape+, its launch has been greatly anticipated. Now, the release to market marks another exciting development for Hochiki Europe and a great milestone for Hochiki Corporation, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.”



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