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Door closers

ASSA ABLOY UK reports that it offers advice on door closers in relation to fire safety. According to Atomik Research, 45pc of people responsible for fire safety in their organisations say they would not know how to spot a suspect fire door.

Door closers play a critical part in fire and smoke protection. ASSA ABLOY UK says that its DC700G-FM Free-Motion door closer, pictured, is the first door closer for door widths up to 1400mm that combines a free-swing function with the company’s Cam-Motion product, allowing users to operate fire doors with the same low forces as non-fire doors.

Suitable according to the product firm for providing barrier free access, the DC700G-FM door closer satisfies the British Standard BS8300, helping towards meeting the requirements of Approved Doc M and the Equalities Act 2010 for building owners, users and visitors. The product is also suitable it is claimed for use in schools, hospitals or residential homes where the young, elderly or infirm may struggle with the forces associated with conventional door controls.

David Hindle, Head of Door Closer Sales at ASSA ABLOY UK, said: “Shaftesbury Care Group Ltd has recently been hit with a hefty fine and costs totaling £410,000 due to fire safety failings at a care home. This serves as stark warning to businesses that failing to carry out fire safety responsibilities can have detrimental consequences.”

“It is essential that those responsible for fire safety within organisations ensure the correct door closers are installed. Door closers on fire and smoke protection doors can be a complex matter, since they must present the user with the lowest possible opening forces, whilst still retaining a high closing force in line with legislation. Both of these requirements are met with the DC700G-FM Free-Motion door closer, which makes a controlled fire door as easy to use as an uncontrolled free-swing door.”



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