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Apartment block protection

Hush ActiV, C-TEC’s new BS 5839-6 domestic fire alarm system, is providing fire protection at an apartment block near Bolton. Set in landscaped gardens in Horwich, a town on the edge of the West Pennine Moors, Swallowfields, pictured, is 28 contemporary new-build apartments featuring high-specification fittings. Each dwelling has Hush ActiV smoke detectors, heat detectors and sounders, all connected to a Hush ActiV controller, all products from the Wigan-based manufacturer C-TEC.

Lansafe Ltd was the installer whose specialist fire division completed the project. Adam Baxendale of Lansafe said: “Recent fires, Grenfell in particular, demonstrate how absolutely vital enhanced fire protection is in residential developments. Hush ActiV offers another layer of safety, protection and reassurance for residents in addition to the C-TEC ZFP touchscreen-controlled addressable fire system we installed to provide LD1 coverage throughout the building.”

As a fully-monitored BS 5839-6 Grade C system, says C-TEC, Hush ActiV constantly interrogates the status of the system’s wiring circuits, battery and power supply and reports any faults to the main controller in the apartment so the resident can take appropriate action and contact the responsible person.

Adam added: “Hush ActiV gives building management and residents, particularly those living in houses of multiple occupation, peace of mind. Our client was delighted with the solution we provided.”

Residents can use detection, alarm, silencing and test facilities at light-switch level so they can test their own devices, be alerted to system faults and hush any false alarms. The fact that the controller’s HUSH and TEST buttons can be operated while standing or sitting in a wheelchair at floor level means that the elderly and disabled can also test the system, aiding compliance with the Equality Act.

Adam said: “Resident safety has to be everyone’s top priority and Hush ActiV is a superb way of ensuring people are protected and feel safe. It’s easy-to-install, user-friendly and, as a BS 5839-6 Grade C system, provides outstanding levels of fire protection.”



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