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Door Entry

GSM door entry

Videx has launched a new GSM door entry system that uses mobile technology to communicate and operate doors, automatic gates, car parks and remote site applications.

The GSM PRO intercoms come in kit form or as part of the 4000 Series modular door entry system for single call button applications up to 50 apartments. All have the facility to divert to three other numbers if the first is busy or unanswered.

Steve Natton, Special Projects Manager at Videx UK, described the product as the next generation of Videx GSM. “The intercom enables people to answer calls to their front door or gate from their mobile phone or land line so they never have to miss that important visitor and are made aware of who has visited even when they are not there. The systems provide spoken call progress information so that the visitor is informed how the call is progressing. Four call progress LEDs also offer the visitor a visual indication of the call’s status.”

Programming is carried out via SMS messaging or using the micro USB connection and PC software. The intercoms also include an exit button input, auxiliary inputs and outputs and a dry contact relay. Kits are also supplied with a surface or flush housing, antenna and 2A power supply unit.

A new feature is the integrated proximity access control for up to 1000 users. Administrators can remotely manage their access control user fobs and cards, doing away with engineer site visits to enrol, modify or delete users, according to the company. Steve added: “The reader is concealed behind the call button name plate window meaning the door panel is no larger than the previous version that doesn’t carry this feature and, importantly, is half the length of previous proximity access door panels. Programming options are by text or via the PC software and an optional desk mount proximity reader is also available to enrol large numbers of users quickly. In addition to the 1000 user proximity access control, there is also a 1000 user dial to open access control where users can dial the intercom number to release a door or gate without being charged for the call.”

The intercom also features an event log that is maintained within the entry panel. This will log events such as who is being called and when, who’s opened the door or gate and other functions. The operation voltage is also wider than the previous version; it is now 12-24V AC or DC.

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