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Door Entry

Docklands residential entry

Cyclops Wharf is a riverside development in London Docklands of 180 apartments and 24 mews style houses. Its telephone-based intercom operated on technology now obsolete. Running and maintaining the system, and any repairs or modifications, were becoming too expensive.

The complex has four external gates and seven blocks so it required a flexible and secure system that could be modified. Besides entry and access management for residents, there needed to be entry for delivery companies, couriers and visitors.

Installer Nimata UK recommended a new door entry. Based on the size of the development, the number of residents and the access required, 4G GSM was chosen and Nimata opted to install the Videx 4G GSM intercom.

Steve Cheung, Director at Nimata UK, said: “By replacing the older intercom system with the Videx 4G GSM, tenant service charges have significantly decreased as it costs a lot less to run and maintain the Videx GSM system. The previous system was telephone-based which resulted in increasingly higher telephone charges with multiple telephones lines using the system.

“We decided to opt for the Videx 4G GSM system because Videx is one the biggest entry and access control manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, and the company is well known in the market and highly regarded as a trusted and reputable provider. We could have opted to go with other, smaller suppliers, but we chose Videx based on their experience and impressive knowledge and customer service record.

“Before opting for the Videx 4G GSM, we spoke at length with Videx’s technical team who explained the features and benefits of the system really well and explained how it would help overcome the entry challenges faced at Cyclops Wharf.”

Nimata UK explored other options including 3G but wanted to future-proof.

Mabs Alam, Videx’s Regional Sales Manager for the London and South East region, said: “The 4G GSM offers a highly convenient and highly secure entry solution that can be tailored to almost any entry need. It includes many features to make the process of calling an apartment as simple as possible. These include a graphical display with clear instructions through each step of the call and voice annunciation to clearly identify the calling process.

“The system has been designed with the greatest flexibility in mind and offers programming options via apps, text messages, a web browser and a PC both local and remotely. Our digital 4G intercoms can support up to 1,000 apartments each with coded access and proximity access as additions to the dial to open access control option. Also, the Videx 4G GSM provides temporary access codes and dial to open numbers that can be added at any time for visitors requiring access for only short periods of time.

“Up to ten free access periods can be set up if required allowing visitors free access during certain times. With the combination of its versatility and level of security, the 4G GSM is the ideal entry solution for any building, property or development.”



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