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Innovate UK selects

Secure Cloudlink, a patented cloud services brokerage (CSB) that seeks to cut the risk of using passwords as a means of identification, has been selected by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. Innovate UK sought to integrate and secure its internal applications, including Salesforce and Office 365, while providing its IT users with a single point of access through a branded marketplace.

Innovate has a staff of 375 working on science and technology innovations. Secure Cloudlink reports that it was selected due to its ability to integrate all applications and to provide a branded, centralised marketplace for users to request and access all applications and services. A personalised desktop specifies and orders all the cloud services that staff have access to. All applications are accessed via a single sign-on (SSO) experience, which removes frustration of setting and remembering log-in names and passwords by a user. Users are now able to request access to new applications via the marketplace from an administrator, set by Innovate internally.

Rob Gaskin, Director at Secure Cloudlink, says: “A common issue that organisations face today is that it’s impossible to use the same password across multiple applications and services due to different format requirements. Users often use similar passwords and never change them, or to write them down. This means security is compromised. The usability challenges have escalated due to more complex requirements for ‘password strength’, and the introduction of one-time-passcodes as a second factor ‘secret’ that requires two passcodes every time they authenticate. With Secure Cloudlink, however, all of a sudden users have gone from having to have numerous passwords memorised to not having to remember any at all and simply log in to all their permitted applications from a single point. Secure Cloudlink includes a comprehensive single sign-on experience but, as importantly, eliminates the need for passwords to authenticate users ‘behind the scenes’ where user credentials are vulnerable to attack which could lead to a system security breach.” Visit


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