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How IT support can protect your CCTV system from cyber attack

When you are using CCTV systems to protect your home or business, it is becoming increasingly common to use those that are connected to the Internet. By trying to allow themselves remote access to their system when they are away, consumers often unknowingly become vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. If you are interested in keeping yourself safe and trying your best to prevent cyber attacks, here is some information you will find quite useful.

Change default password

You would be amazed at the number of people who fail to change the default password once the system has been installed. This is a huge mistake, especially since many manufacturers use the same one for every device. The best way to ensure you will not become the target of a hacker is to choose a new password right away. Make sure that it is not something simple enough for someone to guess without trying very hard.

If you are not great at formulating strong passwords, you can use an online generator to create something secure. They allow users to decide how many characters should be used and whether this should be letters, numbers or a combination of the two.

Buy from reliable source

Whether you know this or not, the company you purchase your system from makes a huge difference when it comes to security. For instance, if you should buy one from a CCTV company or reputable IT support company to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the installation which could leave a loophole for hackers to access your system. You should make it a point to do ample research before entrusting something this important into the hands of someone else.

In addition, you should only look for companies that offer access to high-quality, professional-grade equipment. Trying to cut corners and use products that are cheaply made can place your security in jeopardy.

Use antivirus software

While most people know that this should be used for their computers and mobile devices, some are not aware that they are essential in this situation as well. Make sure that you use one that will protect you from malware, viruses, harmful code and other threats. There is new software available that uses artificial intelligence to analyse your system. Something like this may sound a bit sophisticated and over your head, but you can be certain that it will catch anything that is trying to infiltrate your system, so try something of this calibre if you can find it.

Avoid public Wi-Fi

You are probably happy that you can access your system when you are away; it is extremely convenient. It is essential that you only do this from devices that you know are secure. For instance, if you have data on your mobile device and you decide to use that, it should be fine; however, you should never try to log on using public Wi-Fi. By the way, when you are using a mobile device, you should only do so once you have enabled WP2A security encryption. In addition, do not broadcast the SSID since it will be possible for any devices that have Wi-Fi to gain access and hack into your system.

Trying to keep your home or office safe is about more than purchasing a CCTV system, having it installed and checking it periodically to see if there is a problem. It is important for you to focus on keeping this secure on the web. You do not want to be so worried about physical safety that you compromise your system and make it the target of a cyber attack.


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