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Cyber support

Similar to the support offered by the charity Victim Support in the aftermath of physical types of crime, DynaRisk, a cyber security protection service, is now available for victims of cyberattacks and fraud and for those wanting to decrease their online vulnerability. The company says that the partnership for the first time addresses the fact that 90 percent of UK citizens have at least one or more internet security issues that they need to fix.

Andrew Martin, CEO and founder of DynaRisk said: “From TalkTalk to Yahoo! to Equifax, organisations simply can’t guarantee the safety of the personal data that we hand over to them. Recent cyberattacks have exposed huge amounts of personal data, which can often lead to knock on problems for the consumer such as phishing attempts, bank fraud, hacked emails and ID theft. This can have a significant financial and emotional impact, and consumers really need a next step – which is why we chose to be part of a wider support network with Victim Support.”

DynaRisk says that its cloud-based solution analyses more than 50 risk factors to generate a personal cyber risk score. This includes scanning software for vulnerabilities on devices, cross checking against security fixes and the latest software updates, as well as monitoring for personal information exposed in data breaches, and router security scanning to ensure the home environment – including any connected devices – is considered. DynaRisk then provides a protection plan, including anti-phishing training and independent advice, tools, and guidance across all areas of cyber risk.

Sim Fitzgerald, head of enterprise for Victim Support said: “To ensure we are providing the highest level of support to victims of crime, we are always looking to develop our services to cover emerging threats such as cyber crime and our partnership with DynaRisk is a great example of this. Our service users, even the ones who really understand online risk, have been impressed with how the tool flags and provides actionable advice on how to mitigate vulnerabilities in personal cybersecurity. While we’ll be the first point of call for cyber crime victims and can offer immediate practical and emotional support, for those wanting a deeper understanding of their online risk, we can direct them to DynaRisk.

“Another benefit of us working with DynaRisk is that support is ongoing. DynaRisk can continually provide consumers with an up-to-date assessment of their cyber risk, taking into account the latest breaches, threat intelligence and security patches, while we’re always on hand for emotional and practical support, should it be required.”


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