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Trio of CCTV accreditations

Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridge City Council CCTV Shared Service is hailing three accreditations. They are:

ISO 900-2015 – an international standard for the operational management and working of the control room, including finance, Human Resources and ensuring quality standards.

BS7958: Control Room Management and Operations – a British Standard that includes Security Industry Authority (SIA) badging of contract operators, screening, vetting, audit, staff training and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

Surveillance Cameras Commissioner’s Code of Compliance – for compliance to the 12 guarding principles, Freedoms Act and Data Protection Act.

The Shared Service CCTV Team worked with an external audit advisor for seven months on the three.

Alice Gilderdale, Executive Councillor for Recovery, Employment and Community Safety, for Cambridge City Council said: “Receiving these accreditations highlights the benefits and successes of partnership working and the excellent standard at which these shared services are being delivered.

“Being one of the few local Authority CCTV control rooms in the country to achieve this level of quality standards speaks volumes to this. Public protection is a priority for us, so I hope that by gaining these accreditations it will show our residents of Cambridge and Huntingdonshire how determined we are to provide the highest quality service.”


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