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SmartFinder function

Dallmeier report a redesigned SmartFinder function, within the new SeMSy Compact video management system.

Users first define the area and timeframe for their search. Then they can filter by the available analysis criteria, such as AI object groups or attributes, and specify the objects that are of interest for the search. It is also possible to search for incidents in which a certain minimum or maximum number of objects were detected in freely definable areas, or in which objects have entered or left certain areas. The images in which the objects or count results have been found can then be displayed, in preview image sequences and on a timeline. This enables the operator to compare the search results and find the sequences he or she is looking for. A search function for timeframes and timeline markers complete the portfolio of search assistants.

The SeMSy is the successor to the company’s SMAVIA Viewing Client.

Another assistance function is SeMSy Compact AutoTracking. With the analysis data from network cameras and Dallmeier Panomera systems a user can detect image areas that include moving people or objects while the video stream is running – live and in the recording. The operator can zoom in on these areas, showing them in a detail split to attend to specific features during analysis.

To meet the EU-wide data protection rules, under the GDPR, it is the product firm says helpful to be able to pixelate individuals even while the images from up to four different video streams are being displayed. This function is available for live images and recordings, and it also recognises people who are not moving. The system can pixelate images from third party manufacturers as well as from Dallmeier cameras. It is also possible to differentiate according to user group, so that employees of the operator’s own company see only pixelated faces, but the external security service can view unobscured images, for example. In this situation, pixelation is carried out on a workstation with SeMSy Compact and the “Pixelation AI Server Software”.

Besides being able to find significant incidents, security managers may want an overview of an area under surveillance. Hence, the SeMSy Compact Dashboard outputs the various analysis data as a bar chart in a separate window. Besides a basic overview of all incidents, operators can select single cameras for analysing incidents. With the “SmartFinder” function, this view also supports direct display of the corresponding recordings. And users can also use the software to control the Panomera functions such as Privacy Shield.


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