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Sensitive systems

The wireless video transmission product company Vemotion believes the recent scenes in Calais highlight just how crucial intuitive security systems are.

Hundreds of migrants attempted to board lorries stuck in queues due to French ferry worker strikes, leading to tense contact between the migrants and police. Lorry drivers and others stuck in the traffic have been threatened by those attempting to gain entry to the UK.

Vemotion’s CEO Stewart McCone believes these scenes illustrate just how important security systems are and how all forms of agencies can benefit from the correct technology.

“Day to day we see examples of how important CCTV and security systems are to our towns and cities. But sometimes we see high profile media stories such as this which really hit home why appropriate, sensitive security systems are so integral to stability in our modern world, protecting national and international borders, for example.”

Vemotion specialises in compression and transmission of live video over wireless and wired networks meaning central staff can not only see but securely share footage between agencies. Footage can be shared to and from vehicles, smartphones, tablets and body worn units meaning agencies can be kept up to date in real time. Vemotion can offer both blue light and general security applications, the Thirsk based firm adds.

“Our products guarantee military grade capabilities, in any environment – meaning everyone involved in scenes like Calais can benefit. All of our data is safeguarded by Vemotion’s secure architecture as well, with a large degree of flexibility for users, too.”


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