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PTZ bullet

Milesight’s new addition to their range of Professional-level network cameras, with multiple functions, is the H.265 Mini PTZ Bullet. According to the firm, the bullet camera’s features can be compared to a Speed Dome but at a fraction of the cost.

The product offers movement of up to 340 degrees pan, and 75 degree tilt, 255 pre-sets and eight patrol routes, that can be set up as specific tasks by date and time if required.

The PTZ bullet supports a 12x optical zoom lens that allows detailed close-ups even in low light the firm says using its Hi Speed Auto-Focusing; this provides 3X reduction in the time needed to present a clear image reducing delays in refocusing when repositioning the camera, according to the firm.

Smart dot matrix infra-red (IR) LEDs with a fixed angle of 60 degrees offer energy efficiency, according to the company. The Low Beam and High Beam`s brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically on the basis of the zoom ratio. Moreover, the IR anti-reflection panel results in optimum efficiency of the inbuilt infra red LEDs.

An additional Intelligent White LED with a 15 degree viewing angle, can be turned on as a supplementary light source, on a timed or event basis, to give colour images 24/7. It also can be programmed to flash on receipt of an alarm signal as a deterrent to intruders.

And 3D Positioning allows, by a mouse click, to make any position of interest become the centre of the monitored area. Milesight`s motion detection can provide repositioning to give a detailed image within a pre-set target area, followed by automatic resumption to the previous settings after the alarm condition is removed.

A screw-in vent has been engineered to exhaust moisture, equalise pressure and reduce condensation in the sealed enclosure. At the same time, it provides a barrier in any applications to protect the camera from contaminants.

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