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People masking for cameras, software

Panasonic has introduced people masking, within a range of cameras and as part of PC-based software. It’s for users to continue monitoring their premises, whilst protecting privacy of individuals.

Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act protects an individual’s rights to privacy in reference to the handling of their personal data. This means that surveillance images that identify individuals are strictly prohibited by law.

The people masking allows people to be masked whilst their silhouettes reveal movement. This gives the ability to protect privacy whilst also protecting their safety and the safety of business assets, the product company says.

Gerard Figols, Product Marketing Manager for Panasonic Security Solutions, said, “The people masking solution enables the protection of privacy, ensures safety of people and locations, in one solution. The system was developed to provide logistics companies with a method of monitoring packages, while protecting worker’s rights. But, because both employees and customers are protected, it will be of particularly interest to the retail and banking sectors where continuous surveillance is necessary.”

The people masking is available for the 3, 5 and 6 series cameras as well as the WV-SFN480 and for the WV-SFV481 4K cameras and, for those who have cameras installed, there is PC-based software, making it possible to use people masking on Panasonic and non-Panasonic analogue CCTV systems. The camera based solution is now available, while the PC-based solution is set for launch from June 2016. Visit:


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