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Flex camera series

New from Johnson Controls, the buildings product and systems company, are eight additions to its Tyco Illustra Flex camera series.

With enhanced image processing, improved low-light capability and secure boot protection against cyber-attacks, the new NDAA (in the United States, the National Defense Authorization Act) compliant Illustra Flex Gen3 cameras are designed for virtually any video surveillance application, the makers say. The Illustra Flex Gen3 can connect into the Johnson Controls OpenBlue platform, a suite of connected solutions for sustainability, safety and security solutions.

With a small footprint, the Illustra Flex Gen3 cameras provide a choice of bullet, indoor mini-dome, outdoor mini-dome and compact camera formats. The new 3MP models will supersede Gen2 3-MP Illustra Flex cameras. The 8MP (4K) models, which feature a suite of intelligent video analytics for situational awareness and response, and exception reporting, complement 4K Flex Gen2 cameras.

The external cameras come with adaptive infra-red (IR) illuminators which enable them to capture images day or night, regardless of lighting, up to a distance of 40m the firm says, while the compact cameras’ IR illuminators are effective up to 15m. Visit


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