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CCTV service

CheckMyCCTV is a new automated service from Chubb Fire & Security UK. It’s to continuously monitor the health of its customers’ CCTV. Software checks cameras, detectors and recorders every hour. 



Colin Leatherbarrow, Product Solutions Director, Chubb, says that the potential weak link in any CCTV installation, monitored or otherwise, is being able to see if the product’s environment has changed, which could harm the product installation. He says: “Some believe that once a system has been installed, they can forget about it because it will always be working. Sadly this is not the case. Now we are able to regularly check each element of a CCTV system to monitor the network connection and ensure that the hard disks have not failed or that the system has not stopped recording. And all of this can be done remotely, taking the benefits of Chubb’s remote monitoring capability to those that might not normally use our services.”


Colin says in a traditional maintenance contract, equipment may only be checked one or twice a year, but with CheckMyCCTV the CCTV is constantly monitored and the security manager alerted of an issue: “Security managers using this service will be informed exactly what the issue is when it happens, so it reduces the need for lengthy on-site diagnostics, and increases the chance of a fix from an installer or on-site engineer in the first instance. The potential cost reduction for service calls can be huge.”


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