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CCTV forum launch

The CCTV National Standards Forum is a newly formed organisation with the aim of providing a source of independent and expert advice to the Government, regulators and a wide variety of stake-holders on issues that relate to the deployment of CCTV, both in the public and private domains within the United Kingdom. Here’s what the forum has said after their first meeting in January.

It considered that the advent of the Protection of Freedom Bill adds further relevance to the role of the group and its potential to inform the regulatory process. Membership comprises of representatives from The Security Institute, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the Association of Train Operating Companies, Public CCTV Managers Association, Association of Security Consultants, Retail, Health and Educational establishments and many others who have first-hand knowledge of CCTV operation and management. While, as a group, we are mindful of the benefits that CCTV technology brings to the functions of safety and security, we will need to acknowledge, embrace and promote the deployment of the highest ethical standards across the industry

In keeping with that objective, the forum seeks to develop a set of standards, guidelines and processes built on the principles of ‘best practice’. As part of this process, we will review existing guidance and procedures that focus on management, training and technical standards, currently in place across both the public and private sectors. The aim is to identify coherent and structured models built on robust professional principles, for the deployment of CCTV systems across our communities. Ethics, accountability, proportionality, transparency and responsibility are at the forefront of our considerations.  

The work will focus on a balanced approach, informed by existing legislation, addressing the needs of safety and security within our communities, whilst ensuring that the issues of privacy and collateral intrusion are central to our agenda. We will need to consider the views of all sections of the community and where appropriate seek to address any reasonable concerns that may prevail in a positive, constructive and meaningful way.

As a group, we hold the view that in a modern and fair society, the use of CCTV technology should be about promoting confidence as opposed to concern or anxiety.  It should be about developing a ‘safe society’ as opposed to a ‘surveillance society’.  Our vision is to develop an organisation operating within a framework of guiding principles, ethics and values associated with transparency, legality, fairness and accountability and non-discriminatory practices. We are willing to listen and to learn. 


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