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Fingerprint reader

At IFSEC International from June 17 to 19, at the ExCeL in London, the UK manufacturer Third Millennium will be featuring their ELITE series RX6 biometric fingerprint reader at their booth C1810. The RX6 delivers multispectral imaging. Up to two fingerprint templates may be stored to the user’s card, either DESFire EV1 or Legic Advant, obviating the need for a database of fingerprint templates.

Peter Jones, managing director of Third Millennium Systems Ltd, said: “Our customers look to our brand as the best in class. They expect our readers to work the first time, every time. For that reason, to maintain the quality of our products and meet expectations of our customers, we chose multispectral imaging sensors from Lumidigm.”

And Bill Spence, Lumidigm vice president, North America, Europe and Australia, said: “Multispectral imaging is a sophisticated technology specifically developed by Lumidigm to overcome the fingerprint capture problems found with conventional imaging systems. This more-effective technology is based on the use of multiple spectrums of light and advanced optical techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin. That subsurface capability is important because the fingerprint ridges seen on the surface of the finger have their foundation beneath the surface of the skin, in the capillary beds and other sub-dermal structures.”

The reader has according to the makers a clean aesthetic and features an RGB LED that can be applied to colour-coded access levels or mood lighting. The unit is moulded using a polycarbonate/ABS plastic and includes a shadow line backplate, that makes the reader appear to float on the wall. The reader is for surface mounting to most plain wall finishes, the makers add. Visit


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