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Access for apartments

Hungarian biometric development company, BioSec Group Ltd, has announced a residential version of its BS GateKeeper biometric access control product, for use in apartment buildings.

Stolen access cards, forgotten pass-codes, lost tokens – just a few things that almost every resident is familiar with. Besides being a constant source of headache, compromised identifiers also put sites at risk of burglaries. BioSec says it answers these security risks and inconveniences with literally a wave of the hand, providing access to apartment buildings. With BS GateKeeper, no more searching for identifiers or remembering codes, as the user only needs his/her hand to access the building, which cannot be stolen or lost.

The product manufacturer says that BS GateKeeper can be used by people of all ages by hovering one’s hand above the biometric device and, the developers add, the biometric authentication takes only a second. BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák says: “By using our biometric access control solution, residents do not have to rely on cards or access codes. They will be identified based on an absolutely unique identifier – their hands, which cannot be copied, reproduced or stolen, providing a high security level with a wave of the hand.”

The residential access control system will be available with BioSec’s ‘three in one’ biometric device, the BS Triple 1, which can be installed in three versions from touchless to finger rest only and full hand rest versions, adapting to the user requirements. The Budapest-based firm exhibited at the Fujitsu Forum in Munich in November, as the OEM supplier of the Japanese tech firm.



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